World Class Bee Hives and Honey Extracting Equipment
in New Zealand

Humankind has prized honey for its diverse culinary, symbolic and medicinal applications for many thousands of years. If you are in the business of beekeeping and honey extraction, you'll find everything you need thanks to Paradise Honey. Our team can supply superior quality bee boxes and honey production equipment anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. To get the very latest in apiary products and services, get in touch with Paradise Honey.

Tested and Proven Honey Products Extractors & Bee Boxes

Paradise Honey is proud of our reputation for being the world's leading manufacturer of professional honey production equipment and EPS beehive products. Our unrivalled expertise has resulted in the development of honey production equipment, honey processing and honey extraction equipment and BeeBox beehive products of remarkable quality. All our products are continuously tested in 3000 hive beekeeping operations yielding an average of 120-200 tons of honey each year. This rigorous field testing assures that you are buying real results, not empty promises. 

Take Your Honey Business to the next Level

Take your honey production business to the next level with a little help from the team at Paradise Honey. You'll find that our commitment to delivering efficient, secure and durable solutions is second to none. You will benefit from exceptional honey production products and extractors and bee boxes that will ensure a rewarding yield for many years to come. Equip yourself with everything you need to turn your passion for beekeeping into a sustainable and profitable business. Speak to the experts at Paradise Honey.

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